Most of us have heard the concept "Never dispense a dog brunette because it can be deep to the dog." However, many may not cognise how factual that broadcast is.

I did not cognize the credibleness of this for a eternal instance. Growing up, my parents would buy a bag of M&M's for our dog all Christmas and afterwards reimburse her with one or two all day or so. Since this never seemed to perturbation her, I always acknowledged that this was honourable a story.

But, it is NOT a myth!

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Chocolate contains a stimulating called theobromine which is toxicant to pugs - and dogs in pandemic. The plea that a dog may be competent to eat brown short any ill-effects is that conflicting types of potable enclose distinguishable levels of theobromine. The amount of potable consumed and the size, age and robustness of the dog likewise romp a cause.

There are ways to learn how untold of what field of hot chocolate is safe and sound for your pug. However, it is belike optimum to freshly shy distant from ingestion your pug any hot chocolate. This medicine takes the presume effort out hard the appropriate amount and keeps your pug from wanting more than and more.

So now that hot chocolate is out, what can you do to further despoil your pug this Valentine's day? If chocolate is your piece - or your pugs point - within are quite a lot of mock-up chocolates that your pug will admiration. We have saved a salesperson that makes whichever "finer" dog treats at "regular" dog-treat prices. Go to to get a join to one extreme - and anicteric - Valentine's Day treats for your pug.

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